BPMN Method & Style Training

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Learn BPMN the right way.

BPMN is the industry standard for business process modeling, whether for simple documentation, analysis, or executable implementation.  Today anything else should be considered “legacy” and “proprietary.”  But few modelers know how to use BPMN correctly or effectively, able to communicate the process logic clearly, completely, and consistently through the process diagram alone.  BPMessentials shows you how.

Hands-on practice is essential.  Students use a BPMN tool both in class and in the post-class certification period to create models themselves.

The training is offered through a variety of delivery channels

  • Live-online, 3 days x 5 hours per day

  • Live-onsite, 2 full days, designed for groups of 15 or more

  • Web/on-demand, recorded HTML5 video you can go through at your own pace and schedule

All channels support the same content, exercises, and post-class certification.

Our training teaches you three things

The vocabulary of BPMN, focusing on just the shapes and symbols you need to know, including proper labeling and common usage patterns.

The Method, a 5-step methodology for translating process information gathered from stakeholder interviews and workshops into Good BPMN that is properly structured and easily understood even by those who do not already know the process logic.

BPMN style, additional rules beyond those from the spec, designed to ensure that the process logic is communicated clearly and completely from the printed diagrams alone.  Style rule validation is built into the Vizi Modeler tool.

Course outline

  • Overview
    Organization of the course and certification
  1. What Is BPMN?
    How BPMN is similar to, and different from, traditional swimlane flowcharts, and why it has become the critical foundation skill for anything you do in BPM
  2. BPMN By Example
    Hands-on with the tool!  Build up a process model bit by bit and learn the basic usage patterns
  3. Concepts and the Method
    The deeper meaning of activity and process, and the importance of the process instance, and explanation of The Method, a 5-step procedure for reorganizing stakeholder workshop notes into Good BPMN
  4. BPMN Style
    Best practices formulated as validation rules that make the process logic clear from the printed diagrams alone
  5. Parallel Flow
    Selecting the proper gateway to split and merge the flow
  6. Events
    The key to BPMN’s expressive exception handling, focusing on the “Big 3” – Message, Timer, and Error – including event subprocesses.
  7. Iteration and Instance Alignment
    Handling the tricky problem of batching, using loop and multi-instance activities, multi-process structures, and non-interrupting event subprocesses
  8. Following the Rules
    Using validation to find and fix violations of both spec rules and style rules
  9. Certification and Beyond
    The new post-class certification procedure… and where to go next


BPMN Method and Style certification demonstrates mastery of BPMN, not only the ability to understand the notation but the ability to create process models following the Method and Style principles and approach.  Post-class certification is included with the training; there is no extra cost, and only students who have taken the training are eligible for certification.  Students must pass an online exam, and then create a process model containing certain required elements and email it to Bruce Silver for review.  If it is not perfect, they must fix the problems and resubmit.  This iterative process is where students “really learn” the material.  Students have 60 days to complete certification, and are provided a license to the BPMN tool for 60 days; extensions may be purchased if necessary.

The Tool

The training includes hands-on experience using a world-class BPMN tool, Vizi Modeler from itp commerce, an add-in to Microsoft Visio.  Vizi Modeler includes built-in support for Method and Style, including:

  1. Style rule validation
  2. Wizard implementing The Method
  3. Message flow replication
  4. … and more!

BPMessentials Live/online training and certification using a cloud/browser-based tool is also available through methodandstyle.com.

Hands-on excercises, Post-Class Certification

All delivery channels offer the same course content, hands-on exercises with leading BPMN tools. Post-class certification of proficiency is included for all delivery channels