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Our flagship BPMN Method and Style training is widely hailed as the gold standard, developed and taught by recognized experts in the field.  Our training features in-class exercises using world-class tools, and comes with post-class certification at no additional cost.

BPMN Training

BPMN 2.0 is the industry standard for business process modeling, defining the flow of activities comprising an end-to-end business process. It is a common language shared by business and IT users, in uses ranging from documentation to process analysis and improvement to execution on an automation engine.

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Method & Style

Good BPMN, in which the process logic is communicated clearly and completely from the printed diagrams alone, requires more than knowing the shapes and symbols.  It requires a methodology and additional “style rules,” ideally validated in the tool.  That’s Method and Style.  Our BPMN Method and Style training provides it in your choice of format: web/on-demand, live/online, or live/onsite.  All formats have the same content, exercises, and certification.

You’ll learn the vocabulary of BPMN, the shapes and symbols you need to know; the Method, a systematic approach to translating details gathered from stakeholder workshops into Good BPMN; and BPMN Style, additional rules designed to make the process logic clear from the printed diagrams alone


Post-class certification is based on an online exam and a mail-in exercise that the student must correct until it is perfect.  Certification is where the student really learns the material.

BPMN – the official standard of Business Process Management

BPMN defines a vocabulary of shapes and symbols, but does not provide any methodology or guidance for using the language effectively. Method and Style applies additional conventions and methods on top of the specification to ensure that the modeler’s intent is clear from the diagram on its own. Designed for business users, Method and Style demands discipline and attention to detail, but no deep technical knowledge.

A few of our training clients…

The class was extremely helpful for me, as was BPMNPro. I’m already mentoring team members that are doing process modeling with BPMN. Your approach to adding the Method and Style on top of the BPMN specification makes a huge difference in making the diagrams consistent and meaningful. I’ve bought fifteen copies of the BPMN Method and Style book for our team and they’ve already been a big help.

What our clients say...