Introduction to BPM

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Introduction to BPM, sometimes called BPM 101, provides a basic introduction to all aspects of BPM today: BPM as a management discipline, as a methodology for improving work, as a set of tools and technologies. Students get a brief taste of the topics we cover in the deep-dive BPMessentials courses – BPMN Method and Style, Starting and Organizing a BPM Project, and Analyzing and Optimizing BPM Processes. We also discuss enterprise BPM, including process frameworks like SCOR and ITIL, the process maturity model, and functions of a BPM center of excellence.  It’s a great way to introduce your whole team to the concepts, features, and benefits of business process management.

The format is web/on-demand, although you can contact if you are interested in a live class.  It’s quick – you can do the whole thing in half a day. Here is the course outline:

  1. What is BPM?
    • What is BPM? [16:40]
    • BPM Benefits [16:33]
    • BPM as a Management Discipline: Evolution of “Work” [13:13]
  2. Process Improvement
    • Process Discovery [18:10]
    • Process Analysis [17:51]
    • Process Design [9:38]
  3. BPM Technology
    • Models and Modeling [5:36]
    • Process Modeling with BPMN [21:40]
    • BPM Suites [13:20]
  4. Enterprise BPM
    • Process Frameworks and Capability Maps [17:01]
    • Achieving Process Maturity [6:55]
    • BPM Center of Excellence [8:50]

No tools are required for this class. Student notes are provided to support the post-class certification exam.  Click here to register.  Select item bpm.101.