Become a Licensed Trainer

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Become a licensed Trainer

This training may be licensed by consultants and training departments to deliver themselves. Each instructor must be individually licensed and certified by BPMessentials in order to deliver the training and reuse the associated training materials. Licensees are authorized to deliver the training live in a classroom setting only. Delivery online or via any other electronic media is expressly forbidden by the licensing agreement.

In addition to the license fee, each instructor must be individually trained and certified before being authorized to deliver the training. Trainer certification is essentially the same as student certification, but additional care is taken to establish complete understanding of the material. Click here for current pricing of license fees. Discounts for organizations wishing to license multiple instructors are available. Purchase of maintenance of the license entitles the licensee to non-expiring use of the Process Modeler tool and training materials, including updates for 1 year.

Licensees are free to set their own price for their training classes. However, each student in the class is required to purchase a classroom student (stm) license from BPMessentials at $250 per student. (This is the same price trainers from Bruce Silver Associates and itp-commerce pay to BPMessentials.) Trainers purchase the stm licenses on behalf of their students and bundle this cost into their price for the training.

Students in licensee-delivered training are eligible for certification from BPMessentials. The licensed trainer is responsible for reviewing and approving the certification exercise. If you are interested in becoming a licensee, please contact Bruce Silver.

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