bpmnPRO is a gamified eLearning app developed by Bruce Silver that helps you practice what you learned in the BPMN Method and Style training. It’s great preparation for the BPMessentials certification exam and mail-in exercise. It covers all the areas of the training: BPMN basics, pools and lanes, parallel flow, timer, message, and error events, event subprocesses (more than in the training), and iteration. No “lecture”, it’s 100% exercises – multiple choice questions, just like the BPME exam, and puzzle exercises that let you drag and drop tiles to create a BPMN diagram. You’ll progress through 10 levels, and by the time you get to Level 10, The BPMN Game, you should have no problem at all with the BPME certification.

bpmnPRO is hosted on the Scormcloud Learning Management System (LMS).

Normally, 2-month access to the app costs $199, but BPMessentials students can order it  for a 75% discount, only $49.95, simply go the student area and choose a valid training key. You will find the BPMNpro buy link in the Training section (Tab).

After you complete your purchase, you will receive your Scormcloud invitation within 24 hours.

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